Employment preferences are very handy for speeding up the process of finding the ideal role. You define what you care about and we take care of the rest to make personalised job recommendations. You do that in Account > Employment Preferences.

The first things you need to set up are the Job Type(s) you are interested in and the commutable distance you are happy with. You can always apply for all type of roles but you only receive job recommendations based on some entry criteria you define here.

To read more about the job category check out this article: Explaining the Job Category: Locum vs Permanent (Date-Specific vs Non-Date Specific).

  • for Date-Specific roles (aka locum): make sure you enter the minimum working hours per day. If you prefer full day with 8h, enter that so you will not receive recommendations for half-day jobs
  • for Non-Date Specific roles: just tick what you are interested in
Set your dental job preferences

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