Sometimes you only need a locum for a specific date or for a few days and sometimes you want someone for the longer term like a few months.

In some cases you want someone for a part time job and it requires to work on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and one Saturday a month and in some cases you want someone as permanent and full time with only four days per week.

The above 👆 is getting a bit more confusing. What is part time and what is full time at the end? We simplified that.

  • a Date-Specific job is simply a job required for a specific date such as 27th of Jan or 5-8 of Feb. This is always going to be a locum position because it's very unlikely you are going to hire somebody for only a few days per year.
  • a Non-Date Specific job is simply a job that is required for the longer term. This can be part time of full time (you decide how many days per week is needed and which days). It can be permanent or only for a few months. It can be locum or non-locum. The bottom line is that there is no specific date that the role needs to cover but it rather has a timeframe unless it's a permanent one.

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