The work experience and skills are important details which will be part of your profile which in turn will be shared with the employer. Make sure you always keep them updated.

You can edit these details in Account > Work Experience.

Adding your clinical experience (at a glance)

Just click +Add to add how many years of experience you have for each job type. If you just graduated, enter experience you have in the Detailed Work Experience.

Adding your dental / clinical experience

Adding your Detailed Work Experience

Edit all details and click +Add to add a prior work experience. Add as much details as are relevant. If you work in multiple locations and are relevant please add as many as needed.

Enter Detailed Work Experience for your dental jobs

Adding your Soft & Profession Skills

You can select languages (other than English), software skills and most importantly make sure you select the soft & professional skills you have. If you have an interest in orthodontics, make sure that the skills you select are aligned with that.

Select your language, software, soft and dental skills. These will be used in dental job applications.
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