To manage all your job applications go to the Jobs section in your account.

Understanding the job application

  • applied list shows all job applications and you can filter by application status which can be Pending, Rejected, Inactive, Expired and Cancelled. Understanding the Job Status explains some of these statuses unless they are self-explanatory (these are for dental practices but they cross-over).
  • active list shows only Date-Specific jobs which you were booked for. These are upcoming locum jobs.
  • completed: this is a list of completed locum jobs, Date-Specific. The list does not include long term jobs
  • saved jobs shows all the jobs you saved but not applied for yet

How can I cancel a job and what is the notice period?

You can cancel a Date-Specific job 24h before the due starting time. For instance if the job is for the 10th of August 9am, you can cancel it by 9am on the 9th of August. This is just fair for you and the recruiting company. You can withdraw a Non-Date Specific application at any time before the start date.

How can I chat with the dental practice for a job I applied for?

Once you applied for a job you can chat directly with the dental practice but you first need to hear from them first. Once they initiate the chat, you can click on the chat icon on the Menu or go to the job card and click chat.

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