The job will change status in various circumstances based on activity and behaviour.

  • Active: for published jobs where booking is required. It can be locum or not, temp or perm
  • Booked: for jobs that you booked candidates
  • Saved: jobs which you started to publish but have not completed the process
  • Inactive: when there is an issue with the payment or the payment was cancelled. If the payment is due but there isn't a payment method at hand, the job will become inactive.
  • Expired: when the start date of a Date-Specific (locum) job has passed and no candidate was booked. For instance, if the job was required for the 2nd of August and no candidate was booked after the 2nd the listing will become expired and candidates will not be able to apply anymore. Does not apply to Non-Date Specific roles (temp or perm). Read Explaining the Job Category: Date-Specific vs Non-Date Specific (locum | permanent) for more clarification on job category.
  • Cancelled: when you published a job but decided to cancel. You may have candidates who applied but it's assumed you do not need to fill the role anymore.
  • Completed: Date-Specific role which was completed by the candidate. Once the role has this status, the candidate can issue an invoice.
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