To manage all your job listings go to the Jobs section in your account. You will see all jobs in this section. Check out Understanding the Job Status to understand each job status in case it's not self explanatory.

How can I cancel a job and what is the notice period?

Cancelling a job is easy. You just need to click on the full job listing and there is the Cancel Job button. Once the job is cancelled the candidates will receive an automatic notification.

You can cancel a Date-Specific job 24h before the due starting time. For instance if the job is for the 10th of August 9am, you can cancel it by 9am on the 9th of August. This is just fair for you and the candidate. You can cancel a Non-Date Specific job at any time before the start date.

How can I chat with the dental professionals for a job I published?

Once candidates applied for the job you can chat with the by clicking the chat icon on the job listing card or you can go to the Applicant Tracking System to evaluate profiles and chat.

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