As described in Understanding how Payments work on DentAway you can only send an invoice for a Date-Specific / locum job (e.g. 7th of July, 23-26th Aug).

Once you completed a Date-Specific job, the dental practice will mark the job complete and you will be able to send the automatic invoice.

To send an invoice go to Payments and click Generate Invoice on the job card.

This will take you to the next step to verify the details. If you need, you can also add other items on the invoice such as transport, consumables etc. and can edit the initial details like total working hours or number of days.

Note: the payment rate is automatically fetched from the database and that is based on what the dental practice agreed once they booked you for this role. Most likely you discussed this with the dental practice via chat before being booked. We are working to give you the feature to update it if needs be.

Generate your invoice for the locum dental job

Once you are happy with the details, just click 'Generate invoice' and send it.

What happens after I send the invoice?

Once you send the invoice, you will see the invoice status in the Payments section. You can also edit the invoice but this needs to be done until the invoice gets paid. Once it is paid you will not be able to edit again. You can always chat with the dental practice until the invoice gets cleared.

Once the invoice is paid, you will receive a notification and in case it was paid via bank transfer not via Stripe (online payment) you can acknowledge the payment receipt. If you receive online payment, acknowledgment is done automatically.

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