The Applicant Tracking System is the central piece for managing candidates. You can see all candidates who applied for all your jobs: approved, rejected and pending acceptance.

Please note that some of the features listed below are not yet available but due to be released soon.

Manage dental candidates with the Applicant Tracking System

You can filter candidates by job category (Date-Specific and Non-Date Specific), job type (e.g. dentist, nurse etc), job title, status and dates for Date-Specific jobs.

You can also see candidates by pipeline stage: All Candidates > Reviewing > Screening > Interview > Hired > Rejected. At this time, this pipeline cannot be changed but it may be improved in the future, depending on the feedback we receive from you.

You can the list of sort candidates by automatic short-listing, applied date and distance to job.

Managing Candidates

  • you can click on the Profile icon or candidate name to see their full profile. Here you see a profile description, dental evidence provided, experience at a glance and detailed work experience. If you want you can also click and see all dental compliance documents that the user provided including GDC and NHS Performer Number. You will also see that candidates are verified and there is the verified icon.
  • The Profile Rank shows a rank for how closely the user profile matches your job listing. This is always relative to the job specifications and the list of users who applied for that role. To read more on Automatic Candidate Shortlisting: how does it work.
  • Tags: you can add many tags to your candidates. This will help you structure the candidate list and hopefully speed things up. It definitely helps when you invite other team members.
  • Notes: you can add notes after you reviewed the candidate profile.
  • Stars: you can give stars to candidates. You can use this as a final match from your end after you reviewed the profile.
  • Pipeline stage: changing the pipeline stage is very simple. Once you reviewed a profile, just click on the dropdown and change the stage. The candidate will be moved automatically.
  • Actions: you will be able to chat, approve or reject from the actions icons. If you approve or reject, the candidate will be moved to the corresponding stage and depending on the available slots, the job status will change.

Candidate Dental Compliance

Please note that all candidates are manually verified and there will be a verified icon on their profile. The candidates need to provide dental compliance before they apply for a role. You can read on what they need to show here: Dental Compliance - uploading the required evidence.

You can invite your team to help manage candidates or just invite them to see who applied and how the hiring is going.

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