Keeping our customers' data secure is the most important thing that DentAway does. We go to considerable lengths to ensure that all data sent to DentAway is handled securely - keeping DentAway secure is fundamental to the nature of our business. We want to share some of the details of what we do to keep things secure, and some of the work that we're doing to continually improve the security of your data. This document is a living document, and we will add to it from time to time. You are probably also interested in checking out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy too. If you have any questions, as ever please contact us at

Our team has relevant experience

Our team includes people who've played lead roles in designing, building and operating cloud based systems also involving payment processing platforms.

We host in world class facilities

The vast majority of our services and data are hosted in Google Cloud Platform facilities in the EU. Further details about the considerable measures Google Cloud takes in securing their facilities and services can be found here:

At a glance, you need to rest assured that your data by default is:

  • encrypted at rest and in transition
  • encrypted and replicated in multiple chucks which in turn the chunks of data are also encrypted
  • the encrypted keys are also encrypted with another key
  • encryption keys are automatically regenerated every now and then

We do not store payment details

DentAway is not in the business of storing or processing payments. All payments made to DentAway or via DentAway goes through our partner, Stripe. Details about their security setup and PCI compliance can be found at Stripe's security page.

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